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Julian Bissette interview: ”I ‘ll do my best for MENT”

Julian 3

Julian Bissette gave his first interview as MENT player to Greek website Volleylague.gr.It’s the first time Julian is going to play in Europe and more specific in Greece

”I was warmly welcomed by the team,the coach and the staff. I feel good and I try to do my best for the club. It’s my first time to be here but I am not anxious.I am just happy to be here and I will give my best for the club.Regarding to my personal target, this season I want to see MENT stays in division one and for me to play good in order to help the team from my position.

Bissette  Jordon

”There are many reasons I came to this club MENT, of course the coach Spyros Gkolitsis, spoke to me a lot my agent Mike Aidonidis and everyone that gave me the courage to get the experience here and told me about the Greek culture.”

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