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End of Regular Season in the Greek Championship


In the end of the regular season in the Greek Championship some of our members gave us some good reasons to be proud once!
In the Best Blockers Category 2 of the first 6 Blockers are our members! Dimitris Charalampidis finished as the TOP blocker of the league with 67 blocks-0,77/per set.In the 6th place is Nikos Christofas with 53 blocks-0,66/per set.
In the Best Receiver % Category we have 4 players in the first 6 places! Dimitris Rizopoulos finished as the TOP Passer of the League(48,17%) after a hard fought with Vassilis Karasavvidis(2nd place 48%),Grigoris Kontostathis(4th place 41,57%) and Nikitas Efraimidis(6th place 37,01%)!

So proud of you!Keep going the good job to the playoff/playout phases guys!

Visit profile of Dimitris Charalampidis here ⇒

Visit profile of Nikos Christofas here ⇒

Visit profile of Dimitris Rizopoulos here ⇒

Visit profile of Vasilis Karasavvidis here ⇒

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