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Author: michalis

  After a successful season in Greek League A2,playing in Panellinios,Alvi Shurdhi just signed his loan for one year in AO Kifisias.Alvi was one of the best Outside Hitters in the last season in Greek A2 League and was the team leader of Panellinios.  We are wishing you...

Julian Bissette is the new Middle Blocker of Greek Club MENT.The Greek Club promoted for 1st time in history in 1st division.Julian was best scorer with 68 points scored and 52,78 kill percent on 108 attacks in NORCECA World Championship Qualification Tournament 2014 with National...

 Alvi Konstantinos Shurdhi, one of the biggest Greek hopes signed with us for the next two years. Many people characterize him as one of the future stars. Despite his height (186cm) he has reach spike up to 339 cm and reach block up to 330...